The Victoria's Secret model doth protest too much?

Barbara Palvin, who has been linked to Justin Bieber and has been viewed as the catalyst for his "split" with longtime love Selena Gomez, insists that she and the Biebs are juuuuuust friends.

A Palvin source told Hollywood Life that the two teens are merely pals. Mmm hmm. So why was she hanging outside of his tour bus in Miami earlier this month? We gotta ask…

The insider said, "Barbara swears she and Justin are just platonic friends. Nothing happened between Barbara and Justin — they’re just friends. Barbara acts really, really young. She’s gorgeous, but she acts young. Justin wouldn’t be attracted to her because she’s such a baby. They’re both just kids."

Well, considering that the Biebs and Sel were together and smooching over the holidays, including a couples ski trip with Taylor Swift and Harry Styles, we're going to believe the Palvin source who says that there is no sneaky bidness going on between The Biebs and Barbs. It would have been fun to call them "Biebera," though!

PopCrushers, what do you think? Is this a case of where there's smoke, there's a four-alarm fire? Or are Biebs and Sel rock solid, and not even a leggy lingerie model could pull 'em apart?

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