Vita Chambers' voice soars over an electropop arrangement on the young Canadian singer's new song, 'Fix You.'

The song is not a cover of Coldplay's hit song of the same name. Instead, Chambers takes listeners to the dance floor with bursts of electro. It's a catchy tune and the dance-pop style suits the 19-year-old well.

She croons, "I can't stop how I'm feeling / It's like I need you / And if you let me, I can fix you." Why does the object of her affection need fixing, exactly? She hints at his faults when she sings, "I wish you'd let me in / I've forgiven all your sins / Why you pushing me away?"

Chambers has recorded various types of music since she was discovered on Myspace. She notes in a press release, "I love dance music as well as other types of genres, but I really wanted the first single to reflect my style and who I am as a person." If 'Fix You' is indicative of the kind of music Chambers plans to make, then we definitely want to hear more.

Chambers has opened for Justin Bieber and appeared on the 2010 Lilith Fair tour. She is continuing to work on new music for her debut album. A video for 'Fix You' is coming in 2013 and the song is available now on iTunes. Chambers is holding a contest on her Facebook page where fans who like her latest post can win an autographed photo.


Listen to Vita Chambers, 'Fix You'