In tomorrow night's episode of 'Glee,' the Warblers tackle Wanted. The boys absolutely kill it with 'Glad You Came!'With harmonies that easily rival the original, the 'Glee' cast nails this performance. Led by Grant Gustin, the choreography and lighting accents the club-theme of the original song, even though the performers are onstage in an auditorium. Even Kurt and Blaine (Chris Colfer and Darren Criss) are impressed! The New Directions better have something really awesome up their sleeves to beat this at Regionals.

The performance will be featured in Episode 14, 'On My Way,' which is sure to be an action-packed one. Rachel tells Finn that she wants to get married immediately. Sue Sylvester reveals to Will that she’s pregnant, but we don’t know for sure who the dad is (yet!)

‘On My Way’ showcases the Regionals battle, so the Warblers and New Directions both bring their best to their performances, while Brittany, Santana and Mercedes are spotlighted on Kelly Clarkson's ‘Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You).’

With so much good stuff going on, we're already counting down to Tuesday! 'Glee's' 'On My Way' airs tomorrow at 8PM EST on Fox.

Watch the Warblers Perform 'Glad You Came' on 'Glee'