Kesha took the stage on the hilarious 'Graham Norton Show' last night (Nov. 30) to perform 'Die Young,' and it was everything you'd come to expect from the eccentric starlet.

K-Dollar Sign entered wearing a long red cloak with gold trim -- the kind that wouldn't look out of place iin 'Eyes Wide Shut' or a sci fi flick. She sported braids similar to the post-apocalyptic Heidi look she rocks on the 'Die Young' single art, but her eye makeup is what's most striking here. You can barely see her eyes underneath heavy layers of gold and bronze glitter, which, on anyone else, would look tacky. But, as usual, it looks somehow chic on the Cannibal Queen.

She performed the opening bars of the dance-heavy track from the top of a gold, glittery (of course!) staircase, stoic, before stripping it off and strutting her stuff down for the chorus. Underneath, the 'Warrior' princess sported a gold unitard similar to the one with a dagger cutout from the 'Die Young' music video, this time with fringe on her bum.

While Kesha did sing live, she relied on a backing track for the portions of her performance that featured the most intense choreography. (It's worth noting that while most pop stars who dance while singing do this, Kesha's most likely to get criticized for it since she's often under fire for her use of Auto-Tune to begin with.)

Tune into the video to see her impressive moves -- and to watch her smack a skull-painted dancer's behind!