Remember when Justin Bieber ran into a glass partition while performing Paris and sustained a concussion? Well, the world's most famous child is all better now, and Beliebers can enjoy a preview of that very performance atop the Montparnasse Tower, the tallest skyscraper in Paris.

The Biebs performs with the Eiffel Tower in the background, and it doesn't get any more majestic or magnificent than that. We get to enjoy performance snippets from 'Baby' and the new tune 'All Around the World,' while the teen talks about how it was a good day since he got to see so many of his fans.

In the interview portion, he says that he wants people to see how musically inclined he is. He's not just a beloved teen heartthrob. "I want to showcase that on this album. I was blessed to work with so many great people," he said. True Beliebers already know that Da Biebs has more talent than a lot of his detractors and critics want to give him credit for.

The preview, courtesy of the Live@Home premium web program, which was designed to make viewers feel like they are watching the artists perform in their home, is viewable below. The full performance drops Monday, June 18, one day before his new album 'Believe' lands. You can get more details here.

Watch Preview of Justin Bieber Live@Home Show