Whitney Houston has always had a warm relationship with her mentor and champion, Clive Davis. Two nights before her death, cameras caught the late legend greeting the man who made her a star.

In the video, Davis is seated between Brandy and Monica. Houston approaches the trio and offers kisses, hugs and well wishes. Her daughter, Bobbi Kristina, is with her. You can actually hear Houston tell Bobbi Kristina, "Go say hi to your godfather."

While Houston came under question and criticism for her "disheveled" appearance during the filming, she had a pretty good reason: she'd just come out of the pool. Radar Online reports, "She had been doing laps daily for exercise. She had been in the pool with Bobbi Kristina and when she got out, someone told her that Clive was upstairs with Monica and Brandy," a source said. "She still had her bathing suit on underneath the cover-up that she was captured on camera wearing."

As you can see in the video, Houston isn't doing anything unusual. "Whitney wasn't dancing around the room, or doing anything bizarre at that time," the source said. "This was in the middle of the day on Thursday. At that time, she appeared to be completely sober. Whitney was absolutely professional during that brief appearance in the room."

Unfortunately, that doesn't mean that Houston didn't have any bad habits at the time. "It was widely known that Whitney had fallen off the wagon and was abusing prescription pills again," the insider revealed. While an official cause of death has yet to be announced, it's anticipated that a deadly cocktail of prescription pills and alcohol is what did the songstress in on Feb. 11, the same day as Davis' annual pre-Grammy party -- a party that still went on despite her death.

When Davis came under fire for not canceling the fete, he told reporters, “Whitney would have asked that the music go on. And her family said the show should go on.” Houston's private funeral will be held this Saturday, Feb. 18 and will stream live on the Internet.

Watch Whitney Houston Kiss Clive Davis Goodbye