Ever since Fox announced that they are bringing a live, televised production of 'Grease' to the small screen in 2015, we haven't been able to stop imagining which of our favorite celebs we'd love to see in the lead roles of Danny and Sandy. We've gone over many options in our heads already, but now it's time for you to decide: Who should play Danny and Sandy in 'Grease' live?

The frontrunners for Danny are, needless to say, most of our favorite male pop stars. Harry Styles totally has the hair to portray Danny Zucko, plus he can rock the black leather like nobody's business. Justin Bieber certainly has the falsetto to sing 'Summer Lovin,' and he's also proven that he has that bad boy edge. Meanwhile, Austin Mahone could infuse the character of Danny with that urban flavor while perfectly nailing all of the dance moves. (And you know Mahone has an affinity for leather jackets!) At the same time, Cody Simpson and James Maslow both have that 'Dancing With the Stars' background and some pretty awesome pipes.

As for who could fill Olivia Newton-John's shoes, Taylor Swift would be a shoe-in for the part of Sandy. Not only does she have the cornflower blonde hair, she's already perfected the mix of wide-eyed innocence and maturity. Still, Selena Gomez could definitely give Taylor a run for her money, considering that she, too, can relate to the character's transformational phase. You know that Miley Cyrus would make an amazing "bad girl" Sandy, but we think she could totally pull off playing "good girl" Sandy as well. After all, she totally nailed the whole "double identity" thing in her 'Hannah Montana' days. At the same time, powerhouse vocalists Demi Lovato and Ariana Grande, with their bold voices, could totally belt out 'Hopelessly Devoted to You.' Lovato also has the "bad girl" edge, while Ariana Grande is already a master at the naive ingenue in her role as Cat Valentine on 'Sam & Cat.'

Cast your vote for Harry, Justin Bieber, Austin, Cody or James in the "Danny" poll below, and vote for Taylor, Selena, Miley, Demi or Ariana for the role of Sandy in the poll below that.