Covering Frank Ocean's 'Thinking About You' is the hot thing to do right now when you are a pop singer.

Following in the footsteps of her older brother Jaden Smith and Justin Bieber, that notorious hair whipper Willow Smith recorded her own "cover" of Frank Ocean's 'Thinking About You.' Calling it a "cover" is generous, since it's about 20 seconds of Willow singing the song into her iPod. That said, we like how the follicular one gave it her own spin.

The Biebs and Jaden released their own version of the song last week and Willow, 11, said she wants to "share my vision, I hope you guys like it." She acknowledges that she loved what the Biebs and her bro did with the song and now she has to share her own take. A little friendly sibling and fellow teen pop star rivalry, perhaps?

Something tells us a viral trend is about to start and hundreds of these videos are going to start popping up, with fans and other pop singer covering the song. PopCrush is wondering what Frank himself thinks of the cover.

Watch Willow Sing Frank Ocean 'Thinking About You'