Willow Smith is totally into the holiday spirit. Last week, the 11 year old helped eight lucky NYC youngsters partake in a shopping spree at a Target in Harlem as part of the "Kids Helping Kids" campaign.

Rap-Up reports that the kids were selected by the Boys & Girls Club of NYC for excellence in leadership and academic performance. With the crack of Willow's confetti gun, the kids took off through the aisles, gathering up clothes and toys, but their favorite section was electronics, where they snatched up iPods, video games and other gadgets.

Afterwards, Willow mingled with the kids and spoke with Access Hollywood. "Target is one of my favorite stores, and it's just awesome to share that with the kids and be there for them," the bumper car champion said.

A video of the shopping spree spotlights Willow's new tune, 'Fireball,' featuring Nicki Minaj. Willow explained that she uses the term "fireball" to refer to people who aren't afraid to be themselves and do what they want to do.

Watch Willow Smith at the Target Shopping Spree