For many artists, a performance slot on 'Saturday Night Live' can be the launching point of their careers. However, there are several musicians who failed to impress viewers when they took the stage at the 'SNL' studios in the past. We've selected five of the worst / most awkward 'Saturday Night Live' musical moments, and we want to know: Which pop artist do you think had the worst performance?

While Kesha is usually known for her bizarre and often entertaining stage antics, her first time taking the 'SNL' stage was met with a lot of confusion. Her awkward eye contact, nasally rap, robotic (and not in a good way) dance moves and strange electric harp solo during 'Tik Tok' didn't garner a lot of praise. Lana Del Rey had a similar experience but for very different reasons when she took the 'SNL' stage to sing 'Video Games.' She was as exciting to watch as two snails racing, with her weird spinning, nervous hair twirling and overall lack of emotion.

Meanwhile, rappers Kanye West and Eminem usually blow us away with their performances, but both missed the mark during past 'SNL' stints. We usually don't go around asking for some auto-tune, but when West hopped onstage at 30 Rock to perform 'Love Lockdown,' his non-enhanced singing had us nearly cringing. Eminem also made us grimace when his backing track for 'Just Lose It' started playing before the rapper opened his mouth. He then failed to keep in time with the pre-recorded track, which is needless to say, not pleasant to watch.

Speaking of lip syncing, the arguable mother of all horrific 'Saturday Night Live' performances has to come from Ashlee Simpson. When the singer's vocal track for her song 'Pieces of Me' began playing before cue, all of America watched Simpson deliver a painful jig while she didn't even bother to try and fake it.

Aside from Simpson, whose talent was questionable from the get go, we love these people normally, but everyone has their bad days! Click through the links above to watch these bad 'SNL' performances, and let us know who you think did the worst job by voting below.

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