Decisions decisions. This is a tough one. The boys of both One Direction and the Wanted are total heartthrobs and we can imagine their tours are insanely fun, but which band would you rather tag along with on the road?

The boys of One Direction are a barrel of laughs and we can imagine having the likes of Louis Tomlinson and Niall Horan around all the time there would never be a dull moment. Plus, you would get to look at Harry Styles 24/7, which would be a reward in and of itself. 1D are still young guys, but they still like to party and goof around!

The Wanted, on the other hand, are a little older than the boys of 1D and they make no bones about showing off their hard-partying ways on their trips all over the world! These guys have hung out with the Queen of Partying herself, Lindsay Lohan, so you know there would be no shortage of wild road stories!

So which is it? Vote below.