Both Jessie J and Rick Ross have a look that not everyone could pull off. Jessie is currently rocking a bleach blonde shaved head and the Bawse has his luxuriously full beard. So whose look would you rather have?

Jessie J shaved her head to raise money for charity, which is a bold move because not every woman could pull off that look like she can! Soon after she turned the volume up on her new hairdo to 11 and bleached that shiz blonde. She must not spend much (if any) time styling it in the morning!

Rick Ross has a full lumberjack type beard. He probably gets food caught in it all the time, but we can't imagine a universe where he's totally clean-shaven. It's just not right. But could you rock his big beard? Might get a little hot during the summer, but it would look totally bad a--.

So which is it? Vote below.