Pop stars must get so bored of the red carpet, which is why some of them like to spice things up in an outrageous way. Case in point: Katy Perry at the premiere of 'The Smurfs 3D,' and Nicki Minaj at the 2012 Grammys. Which outfit would you rather be forced to wear?

Katy Perry's outfit is so short, we're not even sure we can call it a dress -- it's more like skunderwear (skirt and underwear). Nevertheless it's a fun look with a bedazzled version of Smurfette on the front... Though you might get quite a few inquiries as to why you love the Smurfs so much.

Nicki Minaj's red habit made by Versace is probably about as far away from Katy Perry's look as you can get. Her whole entire body is covered, minus her face and a portion of her arms, so our expert advice would be to opt for this look if you live in cold climates.

So which is it? Vote below.