Pretty much every MTV-sponsored event is expected to have its share of shocking moments, and the MTV Movie Awards are no exception. Because the 2015 awards are set to air soon, we decided to compile a bunch of the show's most memorable WTFs. From the time a nearly nude Rainn Wilson offered Megan Fox a bouquet of roses and a strategically placed teddy bear, to the time Rita Ora ripped Zac Efron's shirt off as he accepted the award for 2014's Best Shirtless Performance Award, the show is nothing if not teeming with surprises.

Let's not forget the time Aubrey Plaza tried to pull a Kanye when she crashed Will Ferrell's acceptance speech in 2013 — and was later asked to leave the venue. Then there was the time Mark Wahlberg sent the censors into overdrive when he sprinkled his acceptance speech for the 2014 Generation Award with enough swear words to rival his scenes in The Departed. Come to think of it, 2014 was chock full of totally weird moments; we're definitely looking forward to seeing if this year's can top it.

Check out the gallery above to relive some of the most shocking, most surprising and just plain bizarre moments to ever happen at the MTV Movie Awards. And be sure to tune in to the actual awards show when it airs on MTV this coming Sunday April 12 at 8PM EST.