One of these things is not like the others: 50 Cent, Astro, Derek Fisher. If you're stumped, the answer is Derek Fisher. How he and his Los Angeles Laker teammates found themselves on the 'X Factor' finale stage, we don't know.

Though Fiddy is on a quest to end world hunger, it doesn't mean he can't make a couple stops along the way to have some fun. He kicked off tonight's 'X Factor' performance with his song 'Wait Until Tonight' off his newest mixtape, 'The Big 10.' While we can surmise the performance was great, a good portion of the lyrics were censored for our viewing pleasure. Perhaps maybe perform a watered down version of your tune next time you're on live TV, Mr. Jackson?

Then the fun started. 50 kicked it into high gear for a performance of his 2003 smash hit, 'In Da Club.' While some Los Angeles Lakers wandered out onto the stage, we were more taken with everyone's favorite prodigy, Astro! Why he's not in the final two is beyond us, but we are absolutely certain he'll do just fine without an 'X Factor' title.

Fiddy got the crowd going and put on a spectacle, something the people want to see. Something the people don't want to see? Paula Abdul fist pump. Yeesh.

Watch 50 Cent and Astro Perform on 'X Factor'