Jor-el Garcia called Lady Gaga, Britney Spears and Madonna inspirations before taking the 'X Factor' stage Thursday night. Early into his performance, Garcia's own mother was covering her eyes. In a way, she was acting on behalf of judge Simon Cowell, and America.

The singer began his performance of Madonna's 'Lucky Star' offstage with a hand jive routine during the intro. He then sashayed onstage and worked his hips like he was trying to keep a hula hoop off a floor of hot coals. The display terrified Cowell, while Nicole Scherzinger and Paula Abdul were ready to break out a fist full of dollar bills.

"The singing was terrible. I think the dancing was possibly worse," Cowell told the 22-year-old Garcia. Neither of the remaining three said much to encourage the personal assistant to continue his pursuit of pop star greatness. He hardly hung his head as he walked of the stage with four rejections in his pocket.