And on to the 'X Factor' results show we go!

What was 16 acts will be cut down to 12, after one person (or group) from each team will be eliminated. Each judge will choose two of their acts to put straight through to the final 12, and the remaining two acts will have to sing for their survival until one is chosen to stay and one is chosen to go.

We immediately noticed that co-host Khloe Kardashian Odom covered up her busom with a blue leather high-neck dress, which we're sure Simon Cowell will be disappointed in given that he enjoyed the ltitle nip action last night -- but truth be told, we're more focused on the lack of chemistry Odom and fellow co-host Mario Lopez have.

Also a welcome change was Demi Lovato's swept-aside bangs. What were way too blunt and childish last night, proved better swept up and out of her face, giving her a more adult look. Britney Spears looked great with her blond hair sleek and straight and new bangs brushing the tops of her eyebrows. As for L.A. Reid and Cowell... well, who cares? Reid was in a suit and Cowell was in jeans. Boring.

Now... the good stuff.

YOUNG ADULTS (Demi Lovato)

Paige ThomasSAFE (even though she's wearing a ridiculous large hat)

Jennel GarciaSAFE

CeCe Frey and Willie Jones will sing for survival.

CeCe: In a much less gimmick filled performance, Frey sang Irene Cara's 'Out Here On My Own' and was visibly nervous. Her vocals were shaky at first, but she gained composure toward the end of her set. Even still, the usually strong Frey that we saw in auditions wasn't fully present.

Judges Thoughts: Reid thought she just saved herself; Spears thought the previous night she was trying to be like Kesha (or as she pronounced: Keesha), but gave a powerful performance tonight; Cowell didn't understand why she didn't do a performance like this last night.

Willie: Believe it or not, Jones gave a better final performance than Frey did. His deep, country vocals that surprised us from the beginning were incredibly strong during his rendition of 'You Don't Know Me' by Michael Buble. But, we have a feeling he's going to be the one given the boot because he most likely won't fair too well throughout the rest of the competition, whereas Frey has the "IT" and "pop star" factor.

Judges Thoughts: Reid thought he was unique and found it good, saying he wouldn't want to be Demi right now; Spears said he stands out but wasn't sure where he fit in; Cowell wanted to be able to capture what he brought to the first audition because that's how he'll make it through.

Safe: CeCe Frey | Going Home: Willie Jones

THE OVER 25s (L.A. Reid)

Tate Stevens: SAFE

Vino Alan: SAFE

David Correy and Jason Brock will sing for survival.

David: First and foremost, someone needs to staple his right hand behind his back, because that move is trademarked by Mariah Carey. Secondly, his rendition of a slowed-down version of Kelly Clarkson's 'Since You've Been Gone' was on. His voice was strong and gritty, much like that of the old Correy we've come to appreciate, and way better than the previous night, and his range was something to be jealous of.

Judges Thoughts: Spears wasn't sure about him last night, but said he blew her away tonight; Lovato didn't like the rendition of the song and thought it was too forced, that he was screaming the whole time; Cowell kind of agreed with Lovato, calling it dramatic, but said he could see how much it meant to Correy.

Jason: Brock offered some fierce competition during his version of Whitney Houston's 'One Moment in Time.' Much like Correy, Brock's strong voice was back and very present, and given the few pitchy moments, his performance was considerably better than his performance the night before. We wouldn't want to be L.A. Reid right now.

Judges Thoughts: Spears wasn't sure about him yesterday, but said he turned her into a fan tonight; Lovato felt he was genuine and that when he performs, she believes him; Cowell said compared to what he did last night, it was a million times better, but felt like he and Correy would never win the competition.

Safe: Jason Brock | Going Home: David Correy

TEENS (Britney Spears)

Carly Rose SonenclarSAFE

Beatrice MillerSAFE

Diamond White and Arin Ray will sing for survival.

Arin: Considering this was his second time around the 'X Factor' shenanigans, we expected him to get through. Ray also sang Whitney Houston's 'I Look to You,' and gave a smooth performance vocally. He certainly has the stage presence that could help him in the "becoming a pop star" department, and his vocals were a foot above some of the fellow contestants, so it was odd that Spears didn't save him over Beatrice Miller.

Judges Thoughts: Reid didn't understand why he was singing for survival because he has what it takes; Lovato thought the girls in the audience were screaming for a reason; Cowell thought it was "a different league" from last night and said it was a great performance.

Diamond: The young Diamond White the world fell in love with was back in action as she sang 'Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word' for her survival. The emotion that came out of her performance is something the judges might appreciate, and surely something Spears and Lovato should resonate with.

Judges Thoughts: Reid called her a sensational vocalists and said she has a real future in the business; Lovato thought it was interesting because it took on something different: soul; Cowell said he wouldn't want to be in Spears' position right now.

Safe: Arin Ray | Going Home: Diamond White

GROUPS (Simon Cowell)



Sister C and 1432 will sing for survival.

Sister C: The unlikable trio of sisters were still unlikable and seemed awfully entitled during the time before their "save me" performance. The brunette sister looked genuinely pissed during their performance of 'When I Look At You' by Miley Cyrus, but we have a feeling the world is getting real tired of these pop-country acts, especially ones with attitudes.

Judges Thoughts: Reid said they got the song choice right and that there's a gap in the marketplace for what they do (uh, what?!); Spears was pleasantly surprised and called them refreshing; Lovato thought their voice was phenomenal and said it'd be a mistake if they left the competition.

1432: The girl group decided to kiss some a-- by singing 'Skyscraper' by judge Demi Lovato, and okay, we're kidding just a tad... only a tad because the group is filled with wonderfully talented young women. They're the more deserving of the two groups to stay because they have plenty of room to grow and flourish.

Judges Thoughts: Reid said "you did it;" Spears said the group made a believer out of her; Lovato said they did better than the original singer. - Har har har, nice joke, Demi.

Safe: 1432 | Going Home: Sister C

Final Thoughts: Le Sigh. The show has become a hot mess, from the hosts right down to the judges. The judges got it wrong so many times tonight, and it was frustrating to watch. Then, at the end, when Simon wanted to end the show on a positive note by announcing who he was saving versus who he was sending home, co-host Mario Lopez was like, "Sorry man, we're not allowing you to do that. You must announce who you're sending home first."

Also, Simon's not feeling the name of his group 1432, and therefore, is reaching out to the 'X Factor' watching public to submit potential group names for the band via the 'X Factor' website.

Oh joy!