It's go time on 'X Factor.' On tonight's (Oct. 10) episode, the judges sent the 24 contestants to the judge's homes after Boot Camp. We also found out who mentors what age group, and one judge was not a happy camper about the lot the show's cruel producers saddled him with.

Several more contestants were invited back after being axed, since the judges felt they left too much talent on the cutting room floor.

Each judge will have their charges perform and whittle six team members down to four. Oh, the humanity. It can't be easy to send your babies home. Only the young adults and the groups performed on this ep.

Britney Spears is mentoring the teens, which she wanted. Her co-mentor is

Simon Cowell is mentoring the groups, which is not the easiest category, but hello! He put One Direction together. He is mentoring with Marc Anthony.

Demi Lovato is mentoring the young adults, which is the group she wanted, since she can relate to them. She recruited Nick Jonas to assist her.

L.A. Reid is mentoring the Over 25s, to which he replied "The whats?" before smashing his phone receiver into the cradle upon receiving the producers' call. He threw a fit, asking the cameras to shut down. What a lousy 'tude, L.A. He feels there were no standouts, but he still plans to win. He even told his new charges that, which felt like a you-know-what move. He also had the best co-mentor in Justin Bieber -- although the Biebs is a bit young for this crowd.

So who made it?

The complete breakdown is below, with the performance rundowns for the young adults and the groups!


CeCe Frey: The leopard spot girl who can sing. Demi told her she has the rock star thing down, but it does come across as unlikeable. She chose LMFAO 'Sexy and I Know It' and belted the crap out of it.

Willie Jones: The African American country singer with the low rumble voice, he sang 'Nobody Knows' again, which he tanked on during the auds. Nick Jonas said Willie needs to decide if he's R&B or country.

Jennel Garcia: She's got a good voice, if a little unmemorable. She sang Katy Perry's 'I Kissed a Girl,' but Lovato felt she didn't accept her advice to quell her nerves and not overdo it.

Nick Youngerman: We don't remember much about him from the auditions other than that he rapped, but he's confident and cares only about himself, and admitted it. We like honesty. He rocked Kesha's 'Tik Tok,' and Demi couldn't decide if she loved him or was annoyed by him.

Paige Thomas: The Rihanna lookalike can do more battles with with her nemesister CeCe Frey. She turned in a turned down, breathy version of Chris Brown's 'Turn Up the Music.' Demi felt it was too insecure.

Jillian Jensen: The bullied singer from Massachusetts will let her raspy voice be heard. She sang 'Gravity' by Sara Bareilles. Nicky J. thought she was sexy.

Overall, Lovato has a tough job, since she has a good core group.


Sister C: They're a trio, but they seem standoffish. Harmonies! Hamonies! Harmones! And they're pretty. Plus, pop-country likes an all-female act.

Lyric145: This is a hybrid of Lyric Da Queen, who is like TLC's Left Eye with her eye patch, and two bros, who were 145. They meshed well with Miley Cyrus' 'Party in the U.S.A.'  It's like LDQ is the female version of the 145 boys.

Dope Crisis: They're a duo and they've got serious smoothness and quality choreography. They did it up to Nicki Minaj's 'Superbass.'

Emblem3: A good-looking boy band who auditioned with an original song. Tonight, they three-part harmonized their reggae version of The Police's 'Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic.'

Playback: Cowell said they were selected and assembled because of the strength in numbers concept, not because they are weak on their own. They turned in a solid hip-pop version of Hall & Oates' classic 'Rich Girl.' Simon loved it; Marc Anthony was bored.

Lylas: These ladies were thrown together and assembled as a group. They're five of them and they are multi-culti; they say they're the same person in five different bodies. They could be the female 1D, and they sang Shontelle's 'Impossible' while seated. They got up and walked towards Cowell and Anthony while harmonizing at the end and it was quite good.

Could one of them be the next One Direction?


Jason Brock: He and his faux hawk are faboo.

Daryl Black: We didn't see much of him during the auditions.

David Correy: Maybe the Travie McCoy lookalike will be reunited with his birth mother! We hope.

Tara Simon: Really? The wacky vocal teacher? Okay, she's certainly quirky.

Tate Stevens: The country singer rides!

Vino Alan: The tattooed soul star is off to the races.

We were shocked Freddie Combs, the man who lost 400 lbs., and Jeffrey Gutt, who was doing this for his son, didn't get through.


Beatrice Miller: Cute blonde who can sing.

James Tanner: He has Bieber hair.

Carly Rose Sonenclar: Cute brunette who can sing.

Diamond White: Shining bright like a...

Reed Deming: Precocious, like Greyson Chance.

Arin Ray: Onetime member of Season 1's Intensity is getting another shot.

The Over 25s and teens perform tomorrow. Tune in.