If you've been following either of Zoe Sugg's YouTube channels -- Zoella or More Zoella, then you probably have noticed that she's been putting her hair up a lot lately. But earlier today all that has changed when the young YouTuber went to the hair salon to chop a good amount off.

And she took us along for the ride.

Posting a video entitled 'Chopping Off My Hair' (which you can watch in its entirety here) Zoella took us through all her thoughts and emotions about getting this haircut done. She explained that the last time she got her hair done was in 2011 when she did an ombre color and hasn't done anything to it since. However, becoming tired of putting it up in a bun or ponytail, she decided to get her 30-inch long locks cut.

Soon after the salon trip, she took a selfie and posted the results on Twitter. She admits to only trimming off three inches, but at least a good amount of the old hair dye is gone.

We're liking the new style. What do you think?