While the status of Zayn Malik's solo music career remains unclear, new reports indicate that the former One Direction member may be headed to the big screen! The singer is reportedly in talks to work with director Gurinder Chadha.

Chadha is best known for Bend It Like Beckham and is reportedly working on Bend It Like Beckham: The Musical.

“We’ve met and spoken," Chadha told the Daily Mirror. "He trained as an actor first then became part of the band. So I think what he’ll be doing is staying true to his heart — and that’s all you can ever do.”

Unfortunately for those of us who want to see Zayn's flawless face in all its glory in theaters nationwide, he isn't being considered for a specific role.

“I don’t have a part in mind for Zayn just yet but hopefully in the future," Chadha said. (If it were up to us, we'd write an entire movie around the glory of Zayn.)

However, if Chadha is looking for a singer with an unfaltering love of soccer, it sounds like Louis Tomlinson would be perfect for the role. Hint, hint.

In other One Direction news, TV presenter Amanda Holden hinted that she heard that Simon Cowell wanted the band to take a break before Zayn quit.

"This is what I kind of heard, I thought there was going to be a little break," she said on British daytime show This Morning. "I mean, that's before any of that happened. Before Zayn leaving or anything. I thought there was going to be a break so they could all have a rest. I think somebody would have liked them to have taken a break..."

You can watch her discuss the rumor over on the Mirror's website.

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