Skull tattoos have always been a popular design amongst ink lovers, even celebrities! While there's plenty of famous musicians who have skeletal heads tatted on their skin, Zayn Malik of One Direction recently got one, and Chris Brown has been rocking two skulls on his hands since 2007. The designs differ greatly, so which skull tattoo do you fancy more?

One Direction's Zayn Malik debuted the skull tattoo via Twitter in late March 2013. It's like a British gentlemen's version of a Sailor Jerry design, as the cartoonish skull is adorned with a top hat and has a lit cigarette stuck between its teeth. This tat, which is on Zayn's shoulder, is far from Malik's first time under the needle. He's got tons of other ink, and it looks almost like he's trying to build an entire sleeve -- most of his ink lies on his right forearm, like the giant microphone and his comic book-inspired "ZAP!" tat.

Meanwhile, Chris Brown has been adding permanent art onto his bodily canvas for years now, but the skull tattoos on his hands are one of his earliest. According to Brown himself, he received the matching skulls right after his 18th birthday. He explained their meaning in an interview, saying (via BET), "It signifies when you die, when you’re buried, your flesh deteriorates and all that’s left is your bones and the memory of you. It’s your bones, but you an angel. I wanted to do something that’s not demonic, so I put a halo over it to make something positive."

So, do you like Zayn's cartoonish skull tat better, or do you prefer Chris Brown's angelic, anatomically accurate skeleton tats? Vote below!