Zelena 'shippers, this one's for you! Remember when Selena Gomez and her scruffy new partner in crime Zedd teamed up for the club-worthy song "I Want You to Know"? Of course you do, it was two days ago!

Well, now MTV has some must-see behind-the-scenes footage of Zedd doing his best Selena impression and discussing his admiration for her. And the best part? The EDM singer, clad in the sexy black suit and bow tie, offers a sweet and goofy impression of his video co-star! After making an adorable Selena-like face, he says: "I hope she's not watching." Watch it above.

Zedd goes on to talk about how he's inspired by Selena's nonchalance attitude. "I think what I learned is she's extremely talented with dealing with being in the press all the time and being everywhere and not being bothered by that," he said about her. "I find it extremely inspiring that you can shut off and kind of do your thing and not be bothered by other people." Aw, what a good friend!

Then he praises his "I Want You to Know" partner even more. “What makes Selena different from a lot of other artists is that she takes directions, and to me that’s really important," he says. "As a producer, I like to be there when the vocals get recorded, and I need the singer to listen to what I say and bring the emotion that I want. And she was really, really great with that.”

The two pop stars have been spotted out together more than a few times and we think it's super adorable how well they get along — even if they aren't dating.

So, Selena isn't easily bothered by other people, then we're betting she'll do just fine if her relationship with Justin Bieber is brought up in his Comedy Central Roast. Hopefully, she and Zedd are LOLing over the Selena Gomez look-alike featured in the Roast's most recent teaser.