Zooey Deschanel is making the rounds to promote her 'Saturday Night Live' hosting stint this weekend. Her first stop was on 'Late Night With Jimmy Fallon,' where not only did she have a fun chat, but she also played some fun games with the audience.

On Fallon's show, Deschanel discussed how she'd rather be "the cutest weirdo" than "the ugliest weirdo." We agree! She revealed that she grew up loving 'SNL' so much that she would tape it and play it back so many times that the VHS tape would actually break, so we can only imagine how excited she is to be on the show!

Later on, Deschanel and Fallon play a game of Catchphrase with partners from the crowd. Deschanel and her partner struggled with "Ace bandage" and "between you and me," losing to Fallon and his cohort in a hilarious round. Watch to see one of Fallon's more hysterical guesses to "close but no cigar."

YouTube sensation Karmin collaborated with Deschanel and 'Saturday Night Live' castmember Jason Sudeikis on some new promos for her hosting gig.

In the first clip, Deschanel, the band and Sudeikis are stuck holding a pose for an uncomfortably long time. In the second, Sudeikis reveals that Deschanel is a triple threat -- and her last talent (after singing and acting) does sound, indeed, threatening. (We won't give it away!) In the last, she and Sudeikis argue over whether or not he's a cutie pie. We think he is!

Deschanel and Karmin will appear on 'SNL' tomorrow, Feb. 10, at 11:30PM ET. We can't wait to see what she's got!

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