Singer-songwriter duo A Great Big World -- comprised of the supremely talented Chad Vaccarino and Ian Axel-- are making some serious waves. They've ended up on Christina Aguilera's radar and that's just the tip of the pop music iceberg, as they're nabbing fans left and right with their amazing compositions.

That's what made A Great Big World ripe to participate in our 10 Things You Didn't Know feature. Here, you can learn which member managed the other before they decided to go the team route; whose hair changed texture when he began singing; what their go-to place is while on the road; and much, much more.

Before you dive in and learn key facts and tidbits about the boys in AGBW, check out the video for 'Say Something' here.

  • 1

    The name of our band was pulled from our lyrics: 'It's a great big world, and there's no need to cry' from the song 'Cheer Up!'

  • 2

    Ian wrote his first piano piece at 3-years-old.

  • 3

    Chad's voice is frequently used on TV and radio commercials.

  • 4

    We are currently writing a musical comedy.

  • 5

    Chad had a small part on the Christmas episode of Nickelodeon's 'Kenan & Kel.'

  • 6

    Ian's hair turned curly at age 20 when he started to sing -- before and after pics below.

    Courtesy of Epic Records
  • 7

    The music video for 'This Is the New Year' was shot at a Christmas party in Brooklyn, N.Y. Ian and Chad still don't even know who two of the girls in the video are.

  • 8

    Ian and Chad are avid juicers. Their go-to stop on the road is Whole Foods. Gotta eat your veggies.

  • 9

    Ian was a solo artist before they formed A Great Big World together. Chad was Ian's manager.

  • 10

    A Great Big World collectively have two beards; three pairs of glasses; four tattoos; and 9.5 lungs.

    Courtesy of Epic Records