PopCrush Nights

PopCrush Nights is a nationally-syndicated show that blends pop culture, celebrity news and today’s best new music to radio stations across the country. Tune in each weeknight to hear about today's hot topics, interviews with the hottest stars and in-studio performances you can't hear anywhere else. PopCrush Nights airs Monday through Friday 7PM to midnight.

Kayla Thomas | PopCrush NightsKayla Thomas is a Maryland native who got her first shot in radio at a local station in Roanoke, Virginia. She graduated from Liberty University in 2016 with a degree in Digital Media Performance, then got the rare opportunity to dive head first into the career of her dreams.

Kayla, known as KT to her followers, has a vibrant, sassy and fun personality. When she’s not talking it up on the radio she’s either making YouTube videos, traveling, working out or going on some crazy adventure with her friends.

But Kayla’s favorite place to be is anywhere with a microphone in front of her. She strives to use her platform for more than just talking about the latest gossip and celebrity news. She makes it her goal to not only inspire, also motivate and encourage… but to befriend her listeners, even if it’s just one.

“I want to be a breath of fresh air to each and every person who hears my voice.”

Tune in: WKFR (Kalamazoo) | WFHN (New Bedford) | WJBQ (Portland) | WMME (Augusta) | KRUF (Shreveport) | KKHQ (Waterloo) | KLYV (Dubuque) | KBEA (Quad Cities) | WDKS (Evansville) | KTYL (Tyler) | KFFM (Yakima) | KXSS (Amarillo) | WZOK (Rockford) | KKCT (Bismark) | KZII (Lubbock) | KNIN (Wichita Falls) | KVRW (Lawton) | KROC (Rochester) | WBZN (Bangor) | WWYL (Binghamton) | KENR (Missoula) | KKBR (Billings) | KTRS (Casper) | KQVT (Victoria) | KELI (San Angelo) | WJIM (Lansing)

Matt Ryan | PopCrush NightsMatt Ryan has been on the air for over 20 years starting is career at the age of 14. He’s made stops in Philadelphia, New Jersey, and has been a mainstay in the shadows of New York City for over 10 years.

He is all about reading the pulse of his audience and connecting from pop culture to everyday life. Matt is an open book that you will absolutely relate and react to, quirks and all. He is a huge fan of live music, hanging with his dog Bo, and is almost done viewing everything on Netflix.

Tune in: WCZX (Poughkeepsie) | WJLK (Monmouth) | WSJO (Atlantic City) | KMXK (St. Cloud) | KKPL (Fort Collins) | WLHT (Grand Rapids) | KSII (El Paso) | KCIX (Boise) | KVLL (Lufkin) | KMXC (Sioux Falls) | KEYW (Tri-Cities) | KBMX (Duluth) | WKXZ (Oneonta) | KRRY (Quincy/ Hannibal) | KZMY (Bozeman) | KMXY (Grand Junction) | WQHR (Presque Isle)


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