Ever think a commercial about electronics can't be emotional? Think again.

In this 2014 Android ad, clips of people from all different ethnicities, ages and sexual orientations doing all different kinds of things -- from dancing to riding a ferris wheel to proposing -- are interspersed with images of different Android electronics. The commercial cleverly uses 'and ____,' filling in the blank depending on the clip at hand. From 'andwhoa' (an awesome backflip) to 'andwheee!' (a child riding a ferris wheel) to, finally, 'android,' -- it brings home the notion that Android is truly all-inclusive.

The commercial ends with Android's slogan of "Be together. Not the same," and, considering the variation showcased throughout the clip, it comes together to make for a very touching sentiment.

The song featured in the commercial is 'Party Hard' by Andrew W.K. The song, ranked No. 89 on VH1's Top 100 Hard Rock Songs, is a fantastically upbeat song whose speed totally matches the fast-paced commercial.

While 'Party Hard' is pretty straight forward, the man behind it is not. Controversy surrounds the true identity of Andrew W.K., and statements from the artist himself have done little to clarify the mystery surrounding him. Initially stating that Andrew W.K. was, in fact, a manufactured persona, the musician later went on to retract those statements. So... who, exactly, is Andrew W.K.? The world may never know, but he did release this awesome song.

Check out the Android commercial featuring this song in the video posted above!