It's those three magical words to make your heart skip a beat: "I HATE YOU." ✨

4Minute are back, and they aren't exactly in a lovey-dovey state of mind with their brand new single "Hate," which just dropped early today (Feb. 1) along with the release of their latest EP, Act. 7 — their first release in almost exactly a year.

HyunA and the rest of her crew kick off their comeback sadly enough atop a piano melody, but it's not long before the hurt feelings give way to a frantic, wobbling dub build-up, all leading up to one nasty musical middle finger: "NO! I don't need you!" You better tell 'em, girls!

Just in case you couldn't tell from those jarring blasts, this one's a Skrillex production. (CL jumped on Skrillex's "Dirty Vibe" years back, so he's clearly got major love for the K-Pop queens.) It's a divisive track based on early comments on the video: too noisy for some, while others are "dying" and/or already "DEAD." (I myself am awaiting a paramedic.)

The ladies do their best gangster impression during the chorus with their bandanas and tough girl stances, but it's really all about the Posh Spice "Holler" aesthetic being served midway through the video.

Specifically, this move:

Considering we're about to be inundated with roses, chocolates and teddy bears for the next two weeks, it's awfully thoughtful of 4Minute to supply a fierce kiss-off anthem to those of us not so lucky in love. (Wait, am I projecting? Sorry.)

4M's coming hard (and hateful) with this comeback. Get it, girls.