50 Cent is comparing Diddy to infamous sex offender Jeffrey Epstein.

50 Cent Shares Photo of Diddy as Jeffrey Epstein

50 Cent's relentless trolling of Diddy seems like it will never end. In his latest attempt to slight the embattled Bad Boy head honcho, 50 Cent shared a photo on Instagram of Diddy's face mixed with the face of notorious convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein.

"Boosie said where the fvck is his friends, they not saying nothing because they didn’t know he was recording everything," 50 captioned the post, which can be seen below, referencing Boosie recently questioning why no one who attended Puff's alleged "freak-offs" is speaking up for him. "LOL Wait till I get the tapes."

Jeffery Epstein was a billionaire financier who was convicted in 2008 of sex trafficking minors. Epstein, who was also rumored to have parties on his island that were attended by celebrities and politicians, was arrested again for the same crimes in 2019 and hanged himself in jail before he faced trial.

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Suge Knight Thinks Diddy's Life Is in Danger

Diddy's name has dominated the headlines since last Monday (March 25), when his homes in Miami and Los Angeles were raided by the Department of Homeland Security in connection to an alleged sex trafficking investigation. Diddy has yet to be charged. However, Puff's former rival Suge Knight believes Diddy's life is in danger.

"I tell you what, Puffy," Suge said in a collect call from prison shared on social media. "Your life is in danger because you know the secrets of who was involved in that secret room you guys were participating in. So, you know they gon' get you if they can."

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Check out 50 Cent's post comparing Diddy to deceased sex offender Jeffrey Epstein below.

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