In 2014, New Jersey-based singer and YouTube sensation Christina Grimmie walked out onto The Voice stage during Season 6 for her blind audition. She belted out a triumphant rendition of Miley Cyrus' "Wrecking Ball," and by the the end of her performance, all four chairs — judges Adam Levine, Shakira, Usher and Blake Shelton — had turned towards her. She was the first contestant of the season.

Ultimately Christina, who joined Team Adam, would become the second runner-up. And while she didn't technically win the show, she had won much more: the hearts of America, and a whole slew of new fans to root for her.

A bright spark snuffed out by a world constantly struggling to rise above the darkness, last night Christina was taken from her family, her friends and her fans forever. She was brutally shot dead while signing autographs outside of an Orlando venue she was performing at on Friday, June 10.

Only hours earlier, the seemingly cheerful artist posted an enthusiastic message to her fans on Twitter, inviting them to meet and greet with her outside the venue following her show. The video clip exists now as the last tweet Christina would ever personally send from her official account, a digital time capsule showcasing her endearing spirit and love for her supporters.

Since her tragic murder late last night, musicians and artists have been sharing their prayers, condolences and messages of sadness and frustration across social media. Joining in solidarity with Christina's many devastated fans, artists like Demi Lovato, Nick Jonas, Rachel Platten and more have expressed their heartache on Twitter, mimicking the overarching sentiment that the young singer-songwriter's death was more than a tragedy — it was wholly unfair.

Even the artist's coach from The Voice, Adam, posted his support for his protégée. Sadly, the message seems to have been shared prior to the news of her confirmed passing; the glimmer of hope in his words shines light on just how beloved Christina was to those she came in contact with within her fleeting yet poignant career.

She will be sorely missed, yet — as these messages indicate — hardly forgotten.

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