It takes a village to make Marnie Michaels camera-ready, as proven in Allison Williams' new Instagram photo.

The actress shared a selfie of her face with half of her Girls makeup on and half of it off. "Took half my makeup off," she captioned the photos. "Guess why Marnie might have this insane look? #90sLips #Season5"

Our best guess is that the show is shooting a throwback episode, in the vein of Friends or even the beginning of Sex and the City 2. No matter what, we're excited for whatever Lena Dunham has in the works.

As for the photo itself, it's definitely shocking to see this intense makeup on Allison. Given that the show is famous for its realistic approach to how the four main characters look (even intentionally altering the clothes to be ill-fitting), it's surprising to see Marnie in that much makeup. Of course, we understand that the lighting affects makeup, and the episode's scenario (like the '90s' penchant for a heavy lip), could play a part as well.

Nevertheless, the makeup-free half of Allison's face is predictably lovely. Her skin is glowing, which is pretty much a given, considering that she's the face of Simple skincare.

In 2013, she spoke to PEOPLE about makeup removal, saying, "If you’re an actress — and in some cases, this goes for all women — the only thing you can control about your skin is what you put on your face at the beginning of the day, and what you do when you take your makeup off. Otherwise, it’s affected by stress, makeup artists, weather, pollution. The great thing about Simple products is that they protect you against those things — you can wipe it all off at the end of the day.”

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