'Glee' diva Amber Riley (aka Mercedes) was the guest mentor on this week's (July 24) episode of 'The Glee Project.' Since Riley has personal experience with Destiny's Child's uplifting, hell-yeah, high-fiver 'Survivor,' having sung it on the show, it was the perfect song for her to judge as the homework assignment.

Riley has stress fractures in both feet, which were the result of doing 'Glee' dance numbers in heels. She pushes through the pain, which is the epitome of this episode's theme of tenacity. You go, girl!

Riley watched the entire performance with an ear-to-ear grin. She was feeling the remaining seven hopefuls, who were belting out the anthem as if their lives depended on it. She gushed, "I wanted to get up there and dance with you guys."

She wanted more vivaciousness from Abraham and didn't feel that Lily connected with the song. She liked the overly cocky Aylin's voice, and was impressed by how Ali was moving, despite being seated in a wheelchair. Adorbs Ali didn't allow it to restrict her movement or her vibrancy. Riley ultimately chose Ali as the homework assignment winner since she was personifying tenacity.

This was Ali's second win in a row. She is on a hot streak, blooming at the end of the season. You can't help but love her, since she never gives up or gives in.

During her one-on-one session with Riley, Ali, who alluded to how she ended up in a wheelchair, saying she was "hurt" when she was 2, reveals she had to go through physical therapy at a young age. She already knows a lot about tenacity, but she learned a few more things. Riley told her that she has to fight harder and work harder, and to take the tenacity she learned as a young girl in physical therapy and apply to it her performances.