YouTube celeb/lip syncing maestro Keenan Cahill has teamed up with singer Andy Grammer again! This time, Cahill moved his lips frantically in Grammer's semi-homemade video for 'Fine by Me.' Andy and Keenan make quite the pair, singing the upbeat ditty in Chicago, which is Keenan's hometown. The twosome sing before a huge crowd and Cahill must've felt like a million bucks.

Grammer and Cahill performed Grammer's 'Keep Your Head Up' a few months back, so this was a welcome reprise and renewed partnership. It's making us think that the duo will keep this tradition going or perhaps form their own boy band down the road.

Grammer looks great with those aviator shades, while Cahill's self-promoting with a tee that reads 'Lip Sync.' That could be the name of the boy band we're trying to play Svengali for! Lip Sync, featuring Andy Grammer and Keenan Cahill.

Grammer and Cahill perform on a stage, with instruments behind them. It feels like they're aping in front of an intimate web cam for a goof off session until the camera pans to a HUGE crowd of people assembled and watching. Andy eventually hops off stage and into the audience so that he can serenade one of his female fans. Aw! He hugs her before he returns to the stage to sing with Cahill.

Watch Andy Grammer and Keenan Cahill Sing 'Fine by Me'