Regular people who have been cheated on or experienced adversity in life take strength from the metaphorical healing power of glowsticks in Andy Grammer's new video 'Miss Me.'

The video opens with a shot of the singer-songwriter and a distraught woman, seemingly reaching the end of their relationship. As Grammer walks away, he breaks an extra-large glowstick over his knee, which lights up the space around him. The warm glow of the light seems to serve as a symbol for strength and resilience, and he soldiers on.

As Grammer continues singing the track from his self-titled album, a woman arrives home to find the love of her life kissing another woman. Heartbroken, she breaks a glowstick while Grammer sings, "I promise you this / You're gonna miss me, miss me / As long as you live / You're gonna miss me, miss me."

Other people fighting with their significant others carry their own light and walk towards the roof of a building, which emits a bright green glow. When they reach the roof, they find Grammer and his band performing the song while hundreds of glowstick-wielding onlookers cheer and sing along, proving there is life after a breakup. Grammer and the woman who caught her husband cheating end up trading smiles as the video fades out, leaving the impression that perhaps they'll get together.

Released last year, Grammer's debut album hit No. 1 on the Heatseekers chart and produced the hits 'Keep Your Head Up' and 'Fine By Me.' Grammer is currently touring with Train.