Bullies? Badmouthing? Trolling? They all fall to the wayside once you develop a sureness in yourself, Ariel Winter wrote in an essay published to Time's Motto yesterday (February 24).

The 18-year-old Modern Family actress, who underwent breast reduction surgery in 2015 to mitigate pain caused by her F-cup breasts, said she first elected to reduce her chest size to alleviate pain and help her feel more comfortable in her skin. She noted she felt overly sexualized as a young teenager, and that talk of her cleavage or dresses began to eclipse any mention of her talent.

"It’s really difficult to be such a small girl and have so much weight on your chest," she shared. "You physically hurt. You can’t find clothes that fit right. I couldn’t find a cute bathing suit. Everything looked like I was trying to be 'sexy.' It didn’t help that I didn’t look like any of my friends my age."

She added that once the procedure was complete, she felt immediately relieved, and added that she "chose surgery because of how I felt, not because of what anyone else thought."

"Afterward, I automatically felt so much happier and just better physically," she explained. "My back and shoulders didn’t hurt anymore! The first thing I wanted to do was go clothing shopping because I was so excited to be able to find things that fit properly instead of hiding in a baggy sweater. That meant the world to me."

Read the whole essay here, and share your thoughts on Winters' words.

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