On Monday, Sept. 15, August Alsina dropped his 'No Love' remix music video featuring Nicki Minaj.

Minaj proves why she's queen as once again, she isn't afraid to show off her curves in 'No Love.' The video stars Alsina and Minaj as a couple in love but going through a rough patch. She finds herself having to put up with his antics, as she stands by watching him flirt with other women in a club.

She raps in her verse, "August you know, I'm here to save you / Me and them girls, we ain't the same boo / You know I hate it, when you leave me / Cause you love it then you leave it / But you know how bad I need it / You're so f----- conceited / Why you coming over weeded."

Meanwhile, Alsina is currently hospitalized in New York City after collapsing on stage while performing on Monday, Sept. 15. Doctors have concluded that his seizures were a result of dehydration and exhaustion.

Click on the video above for the 'No Love' remix.

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