Skrillex isn't only known for his Grammy-winning dubstep beats, but also for his signature haircut. Although many have rocked the half-shaved head style before him, Skrillex is truly the artist who it is most synonymous with nowadays, and many people are following suit by rocking the half-buzzed look, especially female pop stars! So, out of these four songstresses, which one has the best Skrillex hair?

'Me and You' hitmaker Cassie actually rocked Skrillex hair before Skrillex hair was even really a mainstream thing! The model and 'King of Hearts' songbird kept the look feminine by having the non-shaved half of her head full of flowing, gorgeous locks. Meanwhile, 'Whip My Hair' cutie Willow Smith wowed everybody when she chopped off the locks that made her famous for a Skrillex-style hairdo, although hers was on the shorter, more tomboy side than the other ladies in our poll.

She's rocked almost every hair shade around, so Rihanna opted to shave the side of her head as her latest edgy hair alteration. We think she looks great, but honestly, could this girl do anything to screw up her good looks in the slightest? Kesha also recently buzzed the side of her head, and the 'Cannibal' queen looks pretty bada-- if we don't say so ourselves.

So, which pop starlet has the best Skrillex hairdo? Cast your vote below!