Our current Golden Age of Television may have been ushered in by The Sopranos (or Sex In the City, depending on who you ask), but make no mistake: We're still in the thick of it. Amid acclaimed network shows and immensely popular cable series such as Game of Thrones, Netflix, Amazon and Hulu have rolled out their own exclusive content as well. It's an embarrassment of viewing riches out there, with barely enough time to see everything, even if you quit your job and became a shut-in in order to devote yourself to couch potatoship.

While the multitude of new platforms has given rise to a number of "can we even handle all of these programming options?" articles such as this one, it's also led to a higher standard of quality than we saw when we had fewer choices. Scripts are stronger, A-list talents who formerly stuck to film now star in their own shows, and programs that would've been killed by risk-averse network execs can connect with the audiences they were meant to. It's even led to an increased diversity of faces and stories, albeit gradually.

So, what were some of this year's standouts? Find our picks for Best TV of 2015 in the gallery above!

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