Beyonce posted a photo of herself on Instagram that totally stopped everything and shut it all down.

To be totally honest, we weren't even sure if Beyonce was going to make it to the Gala, because the clock was ticking down, Rihanna was killing it everywhere with her totally insane yellow cloak and Clueless-inspired hair, and it was all just so much. No event is ever a real event without Beyonce, we know, especially when it comes to the Met Gala -- but there we were, 9:30PM EST, three-and-a-half hours after the arrivals began and Beyonce was a no-show. A collective sigh of disappointment was suddenly heard around the world, we were resigned to a lack of Bey this year.

But then! Just a few minutes ago, Beyonce posted three photos of herself in a skin-tight dress, totally bedazzled in just the right places so as not to show off too much, if you know what we mean. Her hair is pulled back into a tight, super high ponytail and she looks every part the radiant beauty queen we've come to know of her. We have no clue where said photos were shot, but in the end -- does it even matter? Beyonce could have done an impromptu photoshoot in a cellar basement in Ridgewood, New York, somewhere and still make it look like art because she is art.

Check out all the photos of Beyonce's dress on her Instagram. And Beyonce, please never scare us like that again.

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