Beyonce Knowles is one smart diva. She never fails to keep up with what's new and fresh in the music scene, and this time she has her eyes set on producer, DJ and songwriter Diplo. This news surfaced after Diplo blogged about being in the studio with the 'Single Ladies' singer and Derek Miller of the noise pop group Sleigh Bells.

For those who aren't familiar with Diplo's work, he first started to gain mainstream attention after working with Sri Lankan singer, M.I.A. Most notably, he played a large part in the creation of M.I.A.'s hit crossover track, 'Paper Planes.' More recently, Diplo joined forces with the London-based house producer, DJ and songwriter Switch to create the electro-reggae group, Major Lazer.

In addition to this, Derek Miller of Sleigh Bells is also rumored to be participating in this studio session. Sleigh Bells, which is comprised of instrumentalist Derek Miller and singer Alexis Krauss, rose to fame in 2010 with their debut album, 'Treats.'

Although no other news has surfaced about the Beyonce, Miller and Diplo collaboration, the combination of musical styles from both Beyonce and Diplo will undoubtedly yield a very interesting sound. If Derek Miller -- known for his love of both hardcore and pop music -- is also involved in this production mix, Beyonce is sure to release one of the most intriguing albums of 2011. Stay tuned with PopCrush for more updates on this project.