Beyonce opened the 2014 Grammys with her sultry, romantic jam 'Drunk in Love.' It was unforgettable. It's also gotten a remix, albeit one that was likely not authorized.

Someone with the know how and the want to has taken the audio of the vocals from that live performance and placed them atop a new instrumental, changing the dynamic of the song a bit, all the while retaining the spirit of Bey's sexy perf.

This version focuses more on the piano than the percussion. But make no mistake. It's still Bey through and through.

Anything is possible in the digital day and age. We usually like to leave Beyonce and her music as is, since it's hard to alter or touch perfection. But this musically-minded person done good. We like! Perhaps even Queen Bey will, too.

Take a listen by clicking the blue button below and tell us what you think of this Beyonce remix of sorts.