In addition to a new album and a highly anticipated Super Bowl performance, it looks like Queen Bey may be hitting the road. That's right: Beyonce is going on tour!

Late last night (Feb. 1) sleuths at ONTD spotted something very interesting on Beyonce's U.K. LiveNation page: a graphic advertising a Mrs. Carter Show World Tour. As a result, there's a lot of speculation that the singer of one of the most infamous 'Star-Spangled Banner' performances in history is naming her upcoming record 'Mrs. Carter.'

In the shot, Queen Bey truly looks regal, doesn't she? She's backed by what appears to be a throne and drenched in pearls, sporting a traditional gown that looks like a symbol of Western royalty. And let's be real, no one else could pull this off without looking ridiculous, but on Bey, it just looks natural.

No dates were listed for the tour, but it's assumed that it will be sometime in 2013 to support her fifth record, which is slated for a March release.

Long live the Queen!

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