UPDATE (12/22): Well, it looks like those reports were, in fact, true. Look where Bey is right now!

It's been two years since Beyonce surprise-released her game-changing self-titled album but, aside from a handful of tracks here and there, we haven't heard a full compilation of new music from her in a while.

And although there's no word as to when a full-length Beyonce LP might see the light of day, it does look like she's in the process of recording a new music video.

According to a rough Google translation of the French website MCM, Beyonce is set to begin filming in New Orleans on December 14. The shoot will reportedly end on December 20.

Further evidence of this alleged music video is as follows: Just a few days ago (December 4), Twitter user @isiah_taylor wrote that his mother would be recording videos (plural!) with Beyonce in two weeks, "My mom is filming videos with Beyoncé in New Orleans in two weeks."

A French choreographer named Zack Reece also posted a casting call to Facebook (a screenshot of which you can check out below), asking for dancers for an upcoming project with Beyonce.

There are no further details as of yet, but according to a recent interview Sia did with Rolling Stone where she detailed her songwriting process, Beyonce is currently working on new music. She said, "I didn't send as much to Beyoncé, though I do know she's working on something."

What does it all mean? Will we get a new Beyonce single come early 2016? Or will we all be disappointed once it's revealed that this is merely something Coldplay-related? Let us know your thoughts!

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