Beyonce: blueprint for success, actual blueprint.

Already an inspiration to young singers and dancers, Bey has now proven to be a muse for architects, too. One Australian firm will erect a skyscraper that includes a hotel and an apartment complex in her honor.

According to Dezeen magazine, the Elenberg Fraser architectural firm will construct the 750-foot building in Melbourne, and its "curves and bulges" will draw direct inspiration from the movement and shapes featured in Bey's "Ghost" video.

In the clip—featured above—the singer is enveloped by flowy black fabric that creates arcs and curls Elenberg Fraser said it's excited to mimic.

"For those more on the art than science side, we will reveal that the form does pay homage to something more aesthetic," a spokesman said.

Construction of the building will involve a process called parametric modeling, through which a computer program can create interesting, difficult shapes that still abide by certain restrictions. The firm says the edifice will bend in and out, but not at the expense of its safety or ability to withstand weather or wind.

And—no surprise here—the Beyonce-themed tower will serve as a point of reference for the eventual re-imagining of the neighborhood.

"The whole precinct is designed with a more long-term view to urban design, creating a self-sustaining development," the company said.

There's no projected finish date yet, but what are your early thoughts on the Beyonce-honor — would you stay in a hotel that's Bey-shaped?

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