With a name like Birdy, the occasional flight is an implicit part of the journey.

The Brit singer-songwriter, whose new Beautiful Lies album will be available on March 25, dreamily defies gravity in the video for the album's first single, "Keeping Your Head Up." It's moody, glitter-tinted and the new standard for beautiful daydreaming.

In the clip above, a camera pans in on Birdy's left eye until it penetrates her subconscious, and soon, she's transported into a hallway crowded with masked contortionists. She drifts backward through a deep red light until she's hovering through a great hall. Finally, as if shot up by a trampoline, she ascends, and hangs in the air as her gown's billowy white fabric ripples around her.

"You never think that you can fly / You'll always swim against the tide / Don't you know your pain is mine? / And I would die a thousand times to ease your mind," she delicately croons as the song's frenzied production — a dead ringer for something from Florence + The Machine's catalog — slows.

Birdy, whose previous work has been a bit slower and more acoustic, told the BBC in January that she was excited to experiment with new influences as part of her forthcoming work.

"The new single is quite uplifting for me, which is quite weird," she said. "It's got a bit of an Asian influence, which is quite weird, but I was really inspired by Japan and just how kind of delicate and fragile everything is — it's a little bit of that, but also kind of classic piano ballads, as well."

Check out the video above, and be sure to snag a copy of Beautiful Lies next month!

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