Brian Laundrie's remains were briefly featured on Google Maps as a tourist destination that was rated one star.

On Thursday (Oct. 21), social media users discovered that someone created a Google Maps location for "Brian Laundrie's Body," and marked it as a tourist destination. (The FBI reported that the "human remains" discovered during a search of the T. Mabry Carlton, Jr. Memorial Reserve area this week were indeed Laundrie's, and that he was identified through dental records. It is unknown if a complete body was found.)

The marked location was seemingly created Thursday, the same day authorities on the case announced that the discovered remains belonged to Laundrie.

Google has since removed the "Brian Laundrie's Body tourist attraction" from its Maps feature. When the tourist attraction listing was active, it had two 1-star reviews.

"Overpriced admission. Complete money grab. The park rangers wanted $40 for the chance to poke it [the remains] with a stick. Couldn't even get a selfie without forking over cash," one person commented with their review, before it was deleted.

Although the "Brian Laundrie's Body" listing no longer exists, that hasn't stopped some Google users from leaving reviews referencing Laundrie on the T. Mabry Carlton Jr. Memorial Reserve Google Maps tourist destination profile.

"Heard ppl dump bodies here but looks nice," one user wrote.

"Overall nice place, but the smell of dirty Laundrie strangles you as you walk through the trail," another commented.

"Great place. Clean and well kept. Great to smell the fresh air. Would definitely go back. Will miss that Brian guy doing his laundry and showing me the best places to get away from others," yet another user noted.

Someone else left a review stating that the location is "a bad place to search for people."

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