Can't wait to see Bridgit Mendler on the Season 2 premiere of Undateable? You can get a sneak peek at her role as a fast-talking waitress on the show.

In the clip, Bridgit's character Candace serves drinks to Shelly and Burski. But how does she remember Shelly's name? We'll let her explain it for herself.

"And a beer for my new favorite teddy bear, who's name is," she begins, before adding to herself, "When I was a kid, I accidentally ate my teddy bear's eyes. We couldn't afford a new one because of my dad's gambling problem, so I made eyes out of pasta shells. Shelly!"

Simple, right?

If you're a bit taken aback by Candace's method, don't worry — you're not alone. Shelly hilariously looks stunned, before responding, "That was an incredibly sad ride, but I'm glad you got there."

You can watch the full clip in the video above!

Season 2 of Undateable premieres March 17 on NBC. Bridgit joins the cast as a waitress at Justin's bar, and if this clip is any indication, we're sure she's going to be hilarious. The actress even premiered a new track titled "Undateable" on March 10!

And, yes, it sounds like Bridgit's character will even sing on the show. Movie News Guide reports that she flaunts her vocals with Justin, who often breaks out into song. Considering that we're still obsessed with Bridgit's debut album, we can't wait to hear her belting it out on the show!

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