Frank Sinatra's music has shown up in perhaps the last place you'd ever expect to see it — the live-action trailer for Call of Duty: Ghosts, the latest game in the wildly popular Call of Duty series.

Ol' Blue Eyes surely never expected that his music would be featured in a violent video game commercial, but the contrast between the traditional pop song and the war-themed shoot-em-up game makes for an interesting trailer. The song in the clip is 'I'm Gonna Live Till I Die,' which Sinatra first recorded in 1954.

Rather than showing clips from the game, like the Call of Duty trailer featuring the music of Eminem, this live-action video features real actors playing soldiers who drive into Las Vegas after it has been devastated by war. They scramble into a casino, where they try to shoot their rivals while avoiding enemy fire. Later, there's even a shootout in outer space. Actress Megan Fox makes a cameo as a bada-- sharpshooter.

'I'm Gonna Live Till I Die' was written by Manny Curtis, Al Hoffman, and Walter Kent. Queen Latifah won a Grammy with her 2007 cover of the song.