Fan favorite Cassadee Pope performed second tonight on 'The Voice,' and was given a country song to sing for her first performance, by her mentor Blake Shelton. 'Stand' by Rascal Flatts was the song of choice, simply because when she performed with the band on the show last, he thought she did a great job. Naturally, she enjoyed turning to country music "because it tells a great story," but during rehearsals, she had trouble figuring out what she wanted to do with the ending.

Dressed in a seriously tight pair of gold leggings and sporting some new blonde and blue highlights, Pope seemed perfectly comfortable on stage during the live performance, as she always does. Hello? She's technically a professional, lest you forget!

Making her way into the crowd, the singer who just can't put her left arm down when she's singing, interacted with the crowd in a way that's going to earn her a number of votes, but she still needs to try something new and different in order to give her a true edge in the competition. What she's done so far, she's clearly done well, but it's the risks that people appreciate, and right now, she's just very vanilla.

"I just don't mind being your co-coach supporter at this point," said Christina Aguilera. "you've won me over at this point. Your chops are just spot on ... you're on the money and it's a lot to really be able to connect with the audience. I love what you represent ... You're an all around true star of the show."

In a non-thrilling second choice song, Pope chose 'I'm With You' by Avril Lavigne, which isn't entirely surprising considering she often gets compared to the faux punk-rocker herself and has performed a Lavigne song once before on the show.

Her live performance was perfectly fine, but it wasn't spectacular because she didn't make the song her own. Instead, she sounded too much like a Lavigne-wannabe, which she herself talked about during the rehearsal period. It wasn't her finest performance to say the least, and it felt a bit boring at times; she may have saved herself with the last few notes, but otherwise, it was shoulder shrug worthy.

"I love that you're committed when you put your hand in the air like that," said Cee Lo. "Again, you've had an impeccable track record this season." Adam Levine said it very well might be his favorite performance of hers: "It was the best performance of the night."

We're sorry... did he forget about Trevin Hunte's second performance, which blew Cassadee's (and everyone else's) out of the water?

Watch Cassadee Pope Perform 'I'm With You' on 'The Voice'