Cee Lo Green grilled British rapper Estelle about a whole mess of topics on this week's episode of 'Talking to Strangers.' Estelle has a very thick accent, so much so that it is sometimes difficult to comprehend her, but we got the gist of most of what she had to say about her music and its inspirations. She told her one time collaborator Cee Lo that she loves singing, but approaches her vocal craft from a hip-hop perspective.

Estelle grew up in West London, but that didn't stop her from writing and subsequently performing her song 'American Boy' on 'Talking to Strangers.'

Cee Lo asked Estelle about the origins of the song, and she revealed that "it's about discovering myself as a woman, knowing my limits." She was in New York and the self-discovery just so happened to be with an American boy. The Lady Killer wasn't shy about asking Estelle what she looks for in a man, to which she replied that he has to be "secure and has enough of his own business to let me get on with mine." Spoken like a confident, strong and independent woman.

Cee Lo mentioned their duet, which is called 'Pretty Please' and he and Estelle erupted into an impromptu a capella rendition of the song while seated on the couches.

We were surprised that they didn't perform the tune together for her second song! Instead, Estelle sang the moody, R&B throwback 'Break My Heart.'

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