Cheryl Cole isn't crying in a corner after being unceremoniously booted from the 'X Factor' judging panel last year. The super hot Brit dances her well-toned butt off and looks incredibly hot in every scene of her new video for 'Call My Name.' You'll need to cool off in an ice cold shower after this one, kids!

The clip begins with a quote that appears on screen. It reads: "The only way to a woman's heart is along the path of torment," which was coined by the French philosopher Marquis de Sade.

Don't expect any romantic plot footage pertaining to a man and a woman and their relationship based on that quote. The torment in this video (for the boys, at least) is strictly due to how hot Cole looks. Hearts will certainly break at the sight of her.

Cole is hanging out in a seedy area, surrounded by graffiti, but she brings the color in her heels and jacket, showing off her naughty thigh tattoos. When she's alone, she's femme and fierce.

When she gyrates with a team of dancers, showing us why she is one of the biggest pop stars in Britain, she is wearing a yellow bra top, loud pants and sneakers. Here, she means business.

There are some scenes of the singer with her hair slicked back, surrounded by mirrors and boasting glossy, disco ball lips. It's all about Cheryl and Cheryl only in this video. And really, why shouldn't it be?

Oh, Cheryl, you are a cruel, cruel girl. You torment us with your hotness and by being so close, yet so far.

Watch the Cheryl Cole 'Call My Name' Video